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10 Reasons Why You Should Start Blog

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Blog

Hi, My self Mustafa Awais, a blogger, webmaster and freelance IT service provider. I have been blogging since one and half year in different niches on different blogs and today I am writing this article to say why people do blogging and why you also should have your own blog.

1. To Say Something And To Be Heard

Everyone has some thing to say and wants to be heard and the Blog provides you the platform where you can say and be heard. You can share your thoughts, your ideas and your comments and whatever you want to share.

2. To Promote Your Business, Products Or Services.

In todays, highly competitive internet and offline market, Blog has become very important tool to promote your business, your products or your services. No matter how big your business is, Blog is the perfect place to promote your products and services.

3. To Establish You As An Expert In Your Field.

Blog can help you establish as an expert in your own field and topic. For example, if you are good PHP programmer and looking for the suitable job in top IT companies. If you already have a blog on which you are sharing information about PHP coding and helping others to solve their php problems, don’t you think this blog can help win the job in interview? You can simply show your blog to interviewer and the job will be yours.

4. To Connect With Like Minded Peoples.



If you think you are different from people around you and seeking the contacts with the like minded peoples, then blog is probably the best way to get connected with them.

5. To Share Knowledge And Help People.

You can also help other peoples by sharing your own experience so that other readers in similar problems can learn from you experience and find their own solutions. Sharing knowledge and helping peoples is really a good job that gives you credibility and a huge numbers of friends and followers. For example, I was trying hard to find the source of income from internet, and today I am sharing how to make money online with you from my own experience.

6. To Make Some Extra Income.

With the all other reasons explained here, you can also generate advertising revenue from your blog. Can you see “ads by google” on this blog? Blog can be a second income source for you and if your main goal is to make money with blog, it can also replace your boring 9 to 5 job. I know many bloggers who left their job just to become full time bloggers but don’t you do it until you start receiving enough revenue from your blog.

7. To Become Leader.

Blog and the readers of your blog will teach you many things. Talking with the like minded peoples, experts in similar fields and discussing with visitors on particular issue through comments may gradually develop leadership quality within you. For example, if you have more than 500 daily visitors on your blog, it means there are many peoples who believe you, who trust your words and who gets their problem solved by information you are sharing on your blog, in short you are the leader for all those visitors.

8. You Don’t Need Any Special Or Technical Skill To Start Blogging.

This is another good reason for you to start blogging right now. You don’t need any programming knowledge like PHP, ASP or HTML. You don’t even need any investment for your blog. You can simply start with free blogging services like and Although, knowledge of all these things can help you modify your blog as you want, but without it also, you can become a successful blogger.

9. To Stay Ahead Of The Time. Get Benefit Of Blogosphere.

Blogosphere is the full of information, full of like minded and expert bloggers. If you join them, you will be in touch with the latest facts, tech news and latest happenings in blogosphere. Offline world has geographical limitations for knowledge, information and for everything that you might have been looking for, while blogosphere (The network of blogs and bloggers on internet) has no such a limitation.

10. Blog Keeps You Active And You Keep Exploring The New Things Everyday.

When visitors start visiting your blog, you will be automatically forced to keep your blog fresh and updated with the latest information. And to keep your blog updated everyday, you will have to look for the information on other blogs or websites. You have to keep exploring the things to find new topics every day to write your blog post. This exploring and writing habit will make you expert in the same field and believe me, you are going to love your self as a blogger.

About Mustafa

My name is Mustafa Awais, I am basically from Pakistan & Currently living in Saudia Arabia, I am Civil Engineer as well as Web Master.

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