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My name is Mustafa Awais, I am basically from Pakistan & Currently living in Saudia Arabia, I am Civil Engineer as well as Web Master.

Modern Town

Modern Town The procedure for preparing the outline plan of the modern town depends on skills, training and imagination of the town planner. A proper combination of function and site would result in the formation of a successful modern town. The usual features which involve in the plan of modern town are as follow: Spaces for residence, commerce and industry ... Read More »

Plate Tectonics

Plate Tecthtonic

Plate Tectonics The theory of plate tectonics has enveloped from Harry’s concept of sea flooring spreading. He proposed this concept in the early 1960’s. The Hess’s hypothesis was accepted when the Vine and Mathews used it in explaining linear magnetic anomalies of the ocean basins. In 1967, WJ Morgan and J.T Wilson extended the idea of Hess and produced the ... Read More »



Zoning The  zoning is defined as   “The regulation by the law of use of land, buildings and the height and density of buildings is the specific area for the purpose of securing convenience, health, safety and general welfare of community” Objects of Zoning The objects and purposes of zoning are as follow: The town planner gets ample opportunities for designing the future growth and development of town. The zoning serves as main tool to the town ... Read More »


Land Sliding

Landslide “When a mass of earth or rock slides down the slope along a definite zone of surface, the movement is called a landslide“. This movement takes place under gravity and is facilitated by moisture which acts a lubricating agent. The landslides start with slow movement along a slip surface followed by a rapid movement of the separated portion of the earth mass. Causes of LandSliding ... Read More »

Benefits of Zoning


Benefits of Zoning Following are the Benefits of Zoning :- Danger for fire: The zoning results into minimum chances of fire occurrence and consequently the damages due to fire are brought down to the minimum level. Future development: If zoning is adopted it results into controlled future development of the town with proper regards to the community welfare as main criteria. General amenities: The zoning provides ... Read More »



Wells The most common device used by men for tapping groundwater is the wells. This a vertical opening or shaft excavated into the zone of saturation. They serves as reservoirs into which ground water moves and form which it can be pumped to the surface. The amount of water that they will yield depends chiefly on v The permeability of the aquifer v Thickness of the aquifer v Diameter of the well Types Of ... Read More »


Road Pavement

Pavement A pavement is smooth surface or matelled structure built to carry the traffic load under climate conditions. Why pavement Needed?                A smooth structure is provided for The natural earth surface cannot support the modern heavy wheel loads. The natural earth surface cannot provide an adequate smooth wearing surface. Therefore a constructed pavement distributes the wheel load sufficiently and provides a necessary smooth ... Read More »

Development Plan

Master Plan

Development Plan It may be defined as “A general plan for future layout of a city showing both exiting and proposed streets and roads, open spaces, public buildings, etc” Objects of Development Plan Following are the main objects of preparing a development plan for the town It aims at intelligent and economic spending of the public funds for achieving welfare of the inhabitants in respect of ... Read More »

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