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My name is Mustafa Awais, I am basically from Pakistan & Currently living in Saudia Arabia, I am Civil Engineer as well as Web Master.

Types of Railway

Super Express

Functional Types of Railway Super Express Rapid Trains Local Trains Subways 1. Super Express (Bullet Train) Normally intercity trains. Top Commercial Speed Country dependent Maximum 581km/h (Japan) Still under Experiments. France and European countries 330 km/h on an average. 2. Rapid Trains (Limited Express Train) Intercity Trains, Urban-rural Connection Top commercial Speed 120-150 km/h Stops at Limited Stations. 3. Local ... Read More »

Google AdSense Stop Paying in Pakistan

Google AdSense Stop Paying I have a message that is very important for Pakistani bloggers and webmasters. I would like to share that Google AdSense has ceased payments by Western Union to Pakistan. As we know that Western Union is very fast by transfer facilities in the world. It is a very sad news that the terms and conditions of ... Read More »

Creep of Rails

Creep of Rails It is a horizontal movement of rails in a track. It can be minimized but cannot be stopped. Causes Of Creep| There are three main causes of Creep Wave motion of trains. Expansion and contraction of rails due to variation in temperature. Due to starting, accelerating, slowing down (decelerating) and stopping of trains. Wave Motion When train ... Read More »

Types Of Crossing

Types Of Crossing Square Crossing Diamond Crossing Cross Over Scissor Crossing Symmetrical Split SQUARE CROSSING When to railway lines cross each other at 90o it is called Square Crossing. DIAMOND CROSSING Angle of intersection (Crossing angle) of two tracks is when not 900 , then it is called diamond crossing, CROSS OVER A cross over is introduced to transfer a ... Read More »


Wear at Curves

WEAR OF RAILS TYPES Wear on Head of Rail Wear on Ends of Rail Wear of Rail on Curve WEAR ON HEAD OF RAIL Wear on head of rail is due to abrasion on moving rails. Due to grinding action of sand or dust between the rails and wheels of the train. When train starts or applies brakes, the wheel ... Read More »


Double Headed Rail

RAILS Rail is an iron beam. Its main function is to provide a most economical, smooth and level surface for the smooth passage of heavily loaded vehicles at great speed. The two RAILS of the track also serve as a lateral guide for the running of the wheels. Types of Rails Rails can be classified into the following categories: Double ... Read More »



FASTENING The devices used to connect rails and sleepers together to form the track are known as FASTENINGs.  Following devices are used as fastenings to keep the rails in their correct position Fish plates Bolts. Chairs Keys. Bearing plates. 1.  FISH PLATES The function of a fish plate is to hold two rails together both in horizontal as well as in ... Read More »

How to create an Invisible Folder?

Invisible Folder

You can just make an ifvisible folder by followoing the follow steps, you dont need to hide the folder, it will be in front of you but you wont see it, but tis clickable Wonder, of course. Do not worry have a step-by-step guide on See if you have created, we performed the following “How to make a folder invisible”: ... Read More »

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