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Automated Money with I-Gagnant




You are just few steps away from earning money from I-Gagnant.

1. Sign Up on I-Gagnant:

The registration on this website (I-Gangnant) is totally free and without obligation to purchase. You simple need to fill the sign up form and became a member.

2. Download the Bar:

After completing the registration, open I-Gagnant and download the bar from the left side of the web.

I-Gagnant Bar

I-Gagnant Bar

Start Earning Money:

Launch the bar  and it will automatically start displaying the advertisement on on, and you earn 1 point for each advertisement displayed. The more you keep open the more you earn.
refer your family, friends and other to ger 20% profit.

Info About I-Gagnant

What is I-Gagnant:

I-Gagnant la barre is an advertising company directly connecting commercial websites with internet users. For this, the site rewards its members to look at advertising in a small software designed for this purpose and to visit sites for several seconds.

What is the concept of bar in I-Gagnant:

The bar is a software that continuously broadcasts ad banners each of them giving you a certain number of points according to the advertiser. You are free to save it on your desktop or any folder : no installation is needed here. Just click on the file to launch the program, enter your login details recorded when you registered on the website and you’re ready to go ! Once in a while you are prompted a security code to ensure our sponsors that you are physically present.

Who can register on I-Gagnant:

Use of this website (I-Gagnant) is reserved for any individual regardless of the country where he lives as long as he does not conflict with federal regulations on the subject. (restricted countries : China, Taiwan, Singapore, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Jamaica, United States, Vietnam). However, payments by check are available only for metropolitan French residents. You have an alternative method to get paid :

by Hipay (click here to open a free account)
by Payza (click here to open a free account)

How do I Earn Money from I-Gagnant:

You have to cumulate a maximum of points along the month. These points can be won with the bar, clicks, clicks bonus, games, sponsorship. Such cumulation will be converted into real money the first day of each month at midnight under the current conversion rate.



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