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Benefits of Zoning

Benefits of Zoning

Following are the Benefits of Zoning :-

  • Danger for fire:
    The zoning results into minimum chances of fire occurrence and consequently the damages due to fire are brought down to the minimum level.
  • Future development:
    If zoning is adopted it results into controlled future development of the town with proper regards to the community welfare as main criteria.
  • General amenities:
    The zoning provides for general amenities such as parks, playgrounds, cinemas, shopping centers, and schools est. In their proper surroundings and it avoid undue wastage of time, money and space.
  • Health of community:
    If zoning is properly done, it results in considerable improvement in the health of the community as a whole. The zoning prevents the invasion of undesirable industries on the residential area. Thus the harmful gases and the odor are prevented from entering or attacking the residential area by force of wind.
  • Population distribution:
    The zoning regulates the density of population and there is no undue concentration of population in any part of the town.
  • Public utility services:
    The zoning permits the economic use of various public utility services such as water supply, drainage lines, telephones, etc.
Benefits of Zoning

Benefits of Zoning

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