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Computer Information


Computer Information Computer (Computer Information) The computer is derived from the word compute which means to calculate. So computer is normally considered to be a calculating device that can perform arithmetic and logical operations at very fast speed. OR A computer is an electronic device that accepts data, process it and give results after that processing. CPU (Computer Information) The central ... Read More »



OS OS stand for operating system. An operating system is an integrated set of programs that is used to manage the various resources and overall operation of a computer system. It is designed to support the activities of a computer installation. Its prime objective is to improve the performance and efficiency if a computer system and increase facility and ease ... Read More »



Language There are the following computer languages High Level Language High level lang enables the programmer to write instructions using English works and familiar mathematical symbols. So it becomes easier for him to concentrate in the logic of his problem rather than getting involved in programming details. High level is basically symbolic  that uses English words. Every instruction which the ... Read More »



Software There are two main types of computer software, which may or may not further divided into more types:- Application Software System Software System System software consists of programs that control the operations of the computer and its devices, serves as the interface between user and the computer’ hardware. These programs do not solve specific problems. They are general programs ... Read More »

Types of Computer

Digital Computer

Types of Computer There are the following of computer:- Analog Computer Digital Computer Analog   Digital Analog computer works with continuous values. Working principal Digital computer works with discrete values. It can work only with digits It has very limited memory. Storage capacity It can store large amount of data. It can perform certain types of calculations. Speed Its speed of calculation is very high. ... Read More »


Window XP

XP Window XP is one of such operating system and is a part of the Ms Windows family that includes Windows 98, Windows 2000 etc. Windows XP looks very much like windows 98, but it includes significant improvement compared to window 98. Window XP is advanced formed of window 2000, combined with Windows NT Technology with the Windows 98 graphical ... Read More »



Word Microsoft Word is beautiful application software provided by Microsoft Corporation in order to prepare your official documents and also to design comprehensive reports. Uses of Word There are many uses of Ms Word such as indenting navigating in the document, selecting information and moving and copying text. Special features help your create, edit, save and print the written documents ... Read More »



Excel Microsoft Excel is beautiful application software provided by Microsoft Corporation in order to provide ease in performing the daily office tasks by using the latest technology of spreadsheets. Uses of Excel  It is a group of values and other data organized into rows and columns, similar to the ruled paper worksheets traditionally used by bookkeepers and accountants. Ms Excel ... Read More »

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