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What Happen to LR


What Happen to LR We all wonder what happened to Liberty Reserve, it has been hacked, taken any legal action by the government. Let me also clear there is still no official news from Liberty Reserve or the most reliable source. Thinking on the Internet each and every one of the different points of view, some people find that the ... Read More »

Liberty Reserve Shut Down / Closed

Liberty Reserve Shut Down

Liberty Reserve Shut Down / Closed We have the latest news in this post: LR payment processor for freedom, and the administrator has been arrested in Spain Liberty Reserve payment processor site, also under arrest in Spain and in the vicinity operator Rica-based Liberty Reserve, HYIP scammers and other criminals from the payment processor closes – and operators were arrested ... Read More »

Liberty Reserve Shut Down | LR.

Liberty Reserve Shut Down

Liberty Reserve Shut Down Costa Rican arrested in Spain for alleged financial crimes Costa Rican authorities raided suspect´s home and offices in San José and Heredia. Arthur Budovsky Belanchuk, 39, on Friday was arrested in Spain as part of a money laundering investigation performed jointly by police agencies in the United States and Costa Rica. Costa Rican prosecutor José Pablo ... Read More »

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