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Methods of Driving of Pile

Driving of Sheet Pile

Methods of Driving of Sheet Pile When Piles are being driven they have a tendency to lean in the direction of driving; this tendency must therefore be restricted by some form of guide control. There are various ways in which piles may be guided during driving but the two principal methods in popular use are:  Driving of Pile in Panels ... Read More »


Sheet Piling

SHEET PILING Sheet piles are normally formed of reinforced concrete or steel; Figure shows the various types of SHEET PILING available Reinforced Concrete SHEET PILES Reinforced concrete SHEET PILes are of value in the construction of permanent embankments to rivers, canals and other forms of water-related structures. The piles are suitably interlocked and the toes of the piles are shaped ... Read More »

Oral Presentations

Oral Presentation

Oral Presentations Depending on the purpose and delivery situation of Oral presentations can be formal/official or informal/unofficial/friendly, You can gave an oral presentation on anything like conference talk like press conference, a proposal to anything, any kind of report accordingly the working environment. To get the effective and positive response from the audience you should carefully planned your oral presentation according ... Read More »

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom (Drugs, Women, Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom) There were reports of countless gossip on entertainment sites that the marriage of Former star Lakers Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian is in trouble. Many of the reports, and estimates that the cause of the rumor arises that he was accused of cheating on her wife with two other ladies as well as ... Read More »


Formation The surface prepared to receive the ballast, sleepers, rails, etc.. for constructing the railway track is called Formation or sub grade. Function of formation The formation has the following functions It provides a smooth and uniform bed on which the track is laid. It bears the entire load transmitted from the moving loads to it through the ballast. It ... Read More »


Steel Sleepers

Sleepers Sleeper is transverse support for a railway to give stiffness to it. Functions of Sleepers Holds the rails to correct gauge. Give a firm and even support to the rails. Distributes the axle load over a sufficiently large area of ballast. To act as elastic medium between the rails and ballast to absorb vibration. To maintain the alignment of ... Read More »



Ballast Ballast is a layer of broken stone, gravel, or any other suitable material placed under and around the sleepers for distributing the load from the sleepers to the formation. Functions of Ballast It provides a suitable foundation for the sleepers. It transfer and distributes loads from the sleepers to a larger area of formation. it provides effective drainage to ... Read More »

Types of Railway

Super Express

Functional Types of Railway Super Express Rapid Trains Local Trains Subways 1. Super Express (Bullet Train) Normally intercity trains. Top Commercial Speed Country dependent Maximum 581km/h (Japan) Still under Experiments. France and European countries 330 km/h on an average. 2. Rapid Trains (Limited Express Train) Intercity Trains, Urban-rural Connection Top commercial Speed 120-150 km/h Stops at Limited Stations. 3. Local ... Read More »

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