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Methods of Driving of Pile

Driving of Sheet Pile

Methods of Driving of Sheet Pile When Piles are being driven they have a tendency to lean in the direction of driving; this tendency must therefore be restricted by some form of guide control. There are various ways in which piles may be guided during driving but the two principal methods in popular use are:  Driving of Pile in Panels ... Read More »


Sheet Piling

SHEET PILING Sheet piles are normally formed of reinforced concrete or steel; Figure shows the various types of SHEET PILING available Reinforced Concrete SHEET PILES Reinforced concrete SHEET PILes are of value in the construction of permanent embankments to rivers, canals and other forms of water-related structures. The piles are suitably interlocked and the toes of the piles are shaped ... Read More »

Pile Foundation

Pile Foundation

Pile Foundation Pile foundation is a type of a deep foundation, where the spread foundation is also used but where the hard strata is laying deep beneath pile foundation is used. Conditions that Require Piles Upper layer high compressible too weak to support the load of super structure. To horizontal  forces pile resist by bending Pile resist uplift forces due to water ... Read More »



Foundation A foundation (footing) provides a critical interface between a structure and ground beneath it; Its basic function being to transfer the loads through the structure to the supporting rock/soil. It the main part of the building on which the load of the whole structure transmits and it is properly designed. Types of Foundation:                The various type of structural Foundation are grouped into two categories ... Read More »

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