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Water Budget

Water Quantities

Water Budget Total quantity of water in the world is estimated as 1386 M km3 337.5 M km3 of water is contained in oceans as saline water The rest 48.5 M km3 is land water 13.8 M km3 is again saline 34.7 M km3 is fresh water 10.6 M km3 is both liquid and fresh 24.1 M km3 is a ... Read More »



Measurement of Discharge Methods for determining discharge can be classified as: Velocity Area Method Permanent Structures Method Chemical Gaging Method Velocity Area Method This is the most commonly used procedure to find Discharge. Q= AV Where, Q = Discharge A= Area of flow V= Velocity of flow The mean velocity of flow is found by Velocity Measurement by Current meter V= ... Read More »

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