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Types of Building

Residental Building

Types of Building The residential buildings may broadly classified in five categories as follows which may or may not further divided into types:- Detached Houses Semi-Detached Houses Row of Houses Apartments or Flats Skyscrapers The house may consist of a single treatment or a number of treatments. It should be noted that housing parlance, a tenement means a family unit. Each category to residential ... Read More »



Concrete “Concrete is a stone like material obtained by permitting a carefully proportioned mixture of cement,sand, and gravel or other aggregates and water also” The bulk of the material is consisting of fine and coarse aggregates. Cement and water interact chemically to bind the aggregates particles into a solid mass. Additional water, over and above that needed for this chemically reaction. Concrete with a wide range of properties can be obtained by appropriate ... Read More »

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Glacier A glacier is a thick mass of ice which moves over the ground under the influence of gravity. It originates on land form the compaction and re-crystallization of snow. Glaciers form in places where more snow accumulates each year than that melts away. They are found in high latitudes as in the arctic region, or the high elevation as on the ... Read More »

Causes of Pollution

Causes of Pollution

Causes of Pollution There are two main causes of pollution Natural Sources Volcanoes Lightning Dust Stones Strom Water Run off Termites or Cows Sub-Soil Minerals Anthropogenic Sources There are three main sub categories in this source Municipal There are two main components in this source  Sewage It comes from urban and ruler areas. High Organic Load à Do Depletion à Fish Kills + Odour ... Read More »

Road Junction


Road Junction “The general term junction or intersection describes all roadway situations where two or more roads meet or cross one another at the same or different elevations. The design and layout of junctions demand careful considerations from the view pint of traffic management because it is very essential to have safety of vehicular traffic and pedestrians at such places The factors ... Read More »

Features of a Building

residential building

Features of a Building A good residential building satisfies the requirements of its inhabitants in the best possible manner. The requirements of residential building can briefly be summarized as follows Height It is desirable that the height of the building should be in proportion with the width of road or street Location The residential building should be located in such ... Read More »

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