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Building Failure

Residential Building Failure

Building Failure 1. Raising Damp in Wall / Salt Damp (Building Failure) Salt damp due to 90% to 100 % break down of damp cause in the wall while rising dampness is partially failure. Raising dampness is not as bad as salt damp, because it is limited to corrosion of mortar joint as 1-2 mm. Salt damp is vertical in ... Read More »

Construction Problems

Typical Problem Area

Problems Many construction problem are due to:- Inadequate communication Lack of responsibility and accountability. (cost cutting, unrealistic deadline) Lack of ethical commitment. No incentive to work Inadequate control Innovative material and technique Read More »

Causes of Defect


Main Causes of Defect  There are the following sources of defects in construction:- Construction Poor Workmanship Inadequate Supervision Design Poor Detailing Inappropriate Specification Inferior quality of design on material used Products Faulty Products Damage as result of faulty delivery Damage resulting  from inadequate storage of material Read More »



Crack 1.Plastic Shrinkage Crack They occur after 1-6 hours after casting, they are upto 3mm wide, 20-50 mm deep and 50 mm to 3 meter in length, in some cases in extend upto whole depth, they are at 45o approximately to the direction of casting, and they are roughly parallel to each other. They don’t extent to the edges of ... Read More »

Types of Failure

Types of Failure

Types of Failure There ate the following types of failure i) Aesthetic Failure Crazing and shrinkage, cracking of concrete or render. a. Flaking or peeling of paint work b. Bossing and spelling. c. Chipped, dented or lipped floor, wall ceiling finishes. ii) Functional Failure a. Miss alignment of building components such as door and windows not operating properly. b. Lacks in elements such as roof walls and floor. c. Sagging of floor. ... Read More »

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