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Road Pavement

Pavement A pavement is smooth surface or matelled structure built to carry the traffic load under climate conditions. Why pavement Needed?                A smooth structure is provided for The natural earth surface cannot support the modern heavy wheel loads. The natural earth surface cannot provide an adequate smooth wearing surface. Therefore a constructed pavement distributes the wheel load sufficiently and provides a necessary smooth ... Read More »

Road Surface

Road Surface

Road Surface The following are the various components of road surface Sub Grade Top of the ground on which the foundation of a road rest is called sub grade. The level of the sub grade is decided by subtracting the total thickness of the pavement from the finished level of road pavement. Strength and durability of road depends on its sub grade. Sub Base When the bearing capacity of soil is ... Read More »

Components of Road

Component of Road

Components of Road Right of Way Right of way is the area of land acquired and reserved for construct and development of road along its alignment. The width of this acquired land is called land width and it depends upon the width of formation, slope of cuttings and embankments, minimum sight distance on horizontal curves, drainage system and also on the importance of the road and possible future development. ... Read More »

Road Junction


Road Junction “The general term junction or intersection describes all roadway situations where two or more roads meet or cross one another at the same or different elevations. The design and layout of junctions demand careful considerations from the view pint of traffic management because it is very essential to have safety of vehicular traffic and pedestrians at such places The factors ... Read More »

Road Maintenance

Pot Holes

Road Maintenance Maintenance operations on flexible pavements fall into three categories v  Surface dressing to seal cracksand improve skid resistance v  Overlaying to extend the life of the road and to meet increased traffic demand. v  Reconstruction involving surface and base. Pot Holes (Road Maintenance) Path repairs are done when localized pot holes are developed on the surface of the road. For repair the area of ... Read More »

Road Failure

Road Failure

Road Failure There are the following causes of failure of concrete roads Inadequate of materials in the concrete mix Defective materials used in the mix Poor workmanship during construction Incorrect spacing of joints Insufficient thickness of slab provided sub grade soil Poor and non uniform support from sub grade soil Poor joint filers and scales used Inadequate curing Read More »

Sight Distance


Sight Distance It is the actual distance along the road at which a driver has visibility of stationary or moving object from a specified height above the carriage way. In other words it is the length of road visibility ahead to the driver at any instant. The standard height depends upon the line of sight of the driver above the road surface, when the visibility ... Read More »

Mud Pumping

Mud Pumping

Mud Pumping The process of ejecting out the soil slurry through joints and cracks under the action of wheel loads is known as Mud Pumping. Procedure Water may get percolated into the soil sub grade through defective joints and cracks and may soften it. Due to effect of repeated loads due to traffic, soft patches get somewhat settled and small initial spaces are developed under the slab. With further percolation of water, the softened sub grade forms soil ... Read More »

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