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Steel Structure


Steel Structure “Structures that are made from structural element steel in which members are joined together by rivets, bolts etc.” Structural Design “ Structural design can be defined as a mixture of art and Science, combining the engineer’s feeling for the behavior of a structure with a sound knowledge of the principles of statics, dynamics, mechanics of materials, and structural ... Read More »

Analysis vs Design

Analyse Design

Analysis vs Design Structural Analysis Structural Analysis is the prediction of the performance of a given structure under prescribed loads and/or other effects, such as support movements and temperature change. Structural Design Structural design is the art of utilizing principles of statics, dynamics, and mechanics of materials to determine the size and arrangement of structural elements under prescribed loads and/or ... Read More »

Responsibilities of Engineer

Responsibilities of Engineer

Responsibilities of Engineer The structural designer or engineer must learn to arrange and proportion the parts of structures so that they can be practically erected and will have sufficient strength and reasonable economy. Some of the items that must be considered include Safety Cost Practicality Safety Not only must the frame of a structure safely support the loads to which ... Read More »

Engineering Design

General Form

Engineering Design Design of engineering systems or Engineering Design is usually a trade-off between maximizing safety and minimizing cost. A Engineering design procedure that can accomplish both of    these objective is highly desirable, but also  difficult. Deterministic design procedures (i.e., ASD or WSD) do not provide adequate information to achieve the optimal use of the available resources to maximize safety ... Read More »

Stress-Strain Relationship, Yield Point

Stress Stain

Stress Stain Relationship Yield Point Yield Point of Modern Steels In the past, a structural carbon steel designated as A36 and having yield stress of Fy = 36 ksi was the commonly used structural steel. Today, a steel having Fy = 50 ksi can be produced and sold at almost the same price as 36 ksi steel. Structural steels are ... Read More »

Steel Sections


Steel Sections Rolled Sections Structural steel can be economically rolled into a wide variety of shapes and sizes without appreciably changing its physical properties. Usually the most desirable members are those with large moments of inertia in proportion to their areas. The I, T, and C shapes, so commonly used, fall into this class.    Designation System of Steel Sections Some examples ... Read More »

Types of Steel

Types of Steel

Types of Steel Steels are divided into four categories depending upon the carbon percentage 1)     Low carbon steel (C< .15%) 2)     Mild carbon steel (C = 0.15 – 0.29%) 3)     Medium carbon steel (C= 0.3 – 0.59 %) 4)     High carbon steel (C= 0.60 – 1.70%) Read More »



FOS FOS is required to bring the structure from the state of collapse to the useable state. It additional covers the following affects Uncertainties in applied forces  or load, The structure should be able to with stand the loading approve up to structure external without failure of structure. The deflection should be small as structure load condition. To cover uncertainties in material strength when the material used in under strength. Cover in part poor ... Read More »

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