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Steel Specifications


Steel Specifications The adequacy of a structure member which is a part determine by a set of tools called “Specifications” There are different specifications which are as follows 1)     AISC ( American Institute of Steel Construction) 2)     AWS ( American Wielding Society) 3)     AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation officials) 4)     AREA (American Railway Engineering association) 5)     ASTM ( American ... Read More »



LRFD If the major part of  F.O.S is applied on the service load to get increased load and the material strength are divided by the minor remaining part of the factor of safety, the design method is called load and resistance factor load design. (LRFD) Material strength≥ applied load × F.O.S1 × F.O.S2 [1/F.O.S2] material strength ≥applied load × F.O.S1 F.O.S1 = over load factor or ... Read More »



Load Load A certain amount of force acting on a certain point is called Load. OR Weight per unit area. It has its own importance, the design of the building depends on the amount of it, so as the cost of the building also consists on it, as the amount of weight increase, so does the amount of steel in ... Read More »

Benefits of Steel

Steel strucutre-merits

Benefits of Steel Now a days, steel structure are commonly made on the big projects as it saves the numbers persons or the work charge staff, only few skilled person are required, because the members are made in the industries and then assembled on the site. because it will decease the amount of the project in one scene but on the other ... Read More »

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