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Green Belt

Green Belt

Green Belt An open strip of land provided on the periphery of the town for the special purpose of limiting the growth of a town is known as the green belt. The land contained in the GB are to n\be used for carrying out the agricultural activates and the construction of buildings inGB is strictly prohibited The GB is provided for the following purposes 1)     It can be developed as parks and play ... Read More »



Island “The space at a road junction over which traffic is not allowed to move is known as a traffic island” The arrangements at road junctions in the form of islands serve the following five objects: The efficiency of traffic handling is increased There is segregation of traffic in proper channels as they serve as guide to driver to negotiating the junctions The ... Read More »

Types of Building

Residental Building

Types of Building The residential buildings may broadly classified in five categories as follows which may or may not further divided into types:- Detached Houses Semi-Detached Houses Row of Houses Apartments or Flats Skyscrapers The house may consist of a single treatment or a number of treatments. It should be noted that housing parlance, a tenement means a family unit. Each category to residential ... Read More »

Features of a Building

residential building

Features of a Building A good residential building satisfies the requirements of its inhabitants in the best possible manner. The requirements of residential building can briefly be summarized as follows Height It is desirable that the height of the building should be in proportion with the width of road or street Location The residential building should be located in such ... Read More »

Types of Public Building

Public Building

Types of Public Building The public buildings can be classified into the following four categories Dependent Buildings These are the buildings whose functions are related to each other and therefore they can be grouped together in the form of civic centers, recreational and art centers, public markets etc. Independent Buildings These are the buildings which have to stand alone such as monumental buildings etc. Institutional ... Read More »

Public Buildings

Public Buildings

Public Buildings The town planner should give careful considerations for the location of various public buildings such as town hall, auditorium, municipal buildings, post offices, central public library, university campus, schools, hospitals, etc. Following factors should be examined at the time of site selection for the public buildings: Fore Ground Grouping Monumental Buildings Parking Space Purpose  Fore Ground The site of public building should have sufficient foreground so that a full ... Read More »

Characteristics of Slums

Characteristics of Slums

Characteristics of Slums Appearance This is rather the universal mark of the slum and it unpleasant appearance offer the eyes, nose and consciences. The structures appear to be deteriorated and to be over aged Fire Hazards The slums area are often exposed to fire accidents and concequenises damages one stick of matches may prove to sufficient to reduce the whole ... Read More »

Slum Clearance

Slum Clearence

Slum Clearance The process of improving the existing conditions of slums is known as the slum clearness and the main four objects of taking up slums clearance programmers can be enumerated as follows To bring down the disparity in living standards of the people of various people classes To prevent the occurrence of epidemics in the town or city To provide the absolute basic minimum standards of essential ... Read More »

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