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TQM (Total Quality Management)


TQM Total Everyone associated with the company is evolved in continuous improvement Quality Customer expected and employed are meet fully Management Executives are fully committed where It provides over all concept that fosters continuous improvement in the organization Its philosophy stress a systematic, integrated, contestant involving everyone and everything it It primarily focuses on total customer satisfaction( internal and  external both) Examples: Lipton, ... Read More »



Leadership Division of Work  Specialization increase output by making employ more efficient. Authority / Leadership Manager/leader must be able to give the order; authority gives them this right to order along with authority goes responsibility. Discipline Employs must obey & respect the rules that given by the organization. Unit of Command / Leadership Any employ should receive orders from one superior only. ... Read More »

Dimensions of Quality

Principle Quality Dimension

Dimensions of Quality Performance A product primary operating properties. E.g. A car acceleration and breaking distance, steering and handling Features “Check what are the extra features available” the bells and whistle of the product. e.g. A car may have a power option, a tape and cd deck, anti log brakes. Reliability The probability of a product serving over a specified period of time under stated condition ... Read More »

History of TQM

History of TQM

History of TQM Quality control organization from Industrial revolution 20’s: Emergence of modern quality control 30’s: development of modern quality control 40’s: Introducing the concept of quality to Japan 50’s Orientations to ward Total Quality Management 60’s: Emergence toward total quality control 70’s: Total quality control practices 80’s: Deployed from manufacturing to tertiary 90’s: quality insurance on customer side”satisfaction to 3rd party” 00’s quality and productivity, ISO 9000 Quality management system with ... Read More »



ISO The international organization for standardization is a non government word wide association that sets industrial and commercial standards. ISO was found in 1947 and its head office is in Geneva (Switzerland). It is one of  the largest standard development organization in whole world today. ISA (international federation of national standardization union) & UNSCC (United Nations standard co-coordinating committee) later on representative ... Read More »



Quality There is no single universal definition of quality some people view quality as “performance to standards” other view it as or “satisfying the customer”. Defination of Quality Some of the common definitions of quality are as follows Conformance to Specifications It measure how well the product or service meets the targets and tolerance determine by its designers Example: The dimension of a machine part may ... Read More »

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