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Causes of Pollution

Causes of Pollution

Causes of Pollution

Causes of Pollution

There are two main causes of pollution

Natural Sources

  • Volcanoes
  • Lightning
  • Dust Stones
  • Strom Water Run off
  • Termites or Cows
  • Sub-Soil Minerals

Anthropogenic Sources

There are three main sub categories in this source

  • Municipal

There are two main components in this source

  •  Sewage

It comes from urban and ruler areas.

High Organic Load à Do Depletion à Fish Kills + Odour

  • Solid Waste

Solid waste consists of municipal and hospital wastes, in sanitary condition odour and diseases.

  • Industrial

Industry pollutes the atmosphere in many ways by discharging the Organic compounds, Oils, Inorganic Chemicals, Acids, Alkalies, Heavy Metals (Pb, Hg, Chromium), Dirty Smoke as the by product in form of liquid or smoke.

  • Agricultural

It also pollutes the atmosphere in many ways like the chemical uses for the agricultural purposes damages the soil in one or other way, it also pollutes the underground water, it also smells bad which may causes different diseases.

Environmental Pollution Control Strategies

  1. Industries required providing waste water treatment and air pollution control.
  2. There must be pollution charges.
  3. There must be incentives for pollution control.
  4. We must promote clean technology.
  5. Improve water quality.
  6. Prohibit raw sewage irrigation.
  7. Ban on solid waste burning.
  8. Their must be population of awareness about the environment.
  9. Tone vehicles and pressure horn should be ban.
  10. Provide a appropriate sanitation facilities

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