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Characteristics of Slums

Characteristics of Slums

Characteristics of Slums

Characteristics of Slums

  • Appearance

This is rather the universal mark of the slum and it unpleasant appearance offer the eyes, nose and consciences. The structures appear to be deteriorated and to be over aged

  • Fire Hazards

The slums area are often exposed to fire accidents and concequenises damages one stick of matches may prove to sufficient to reduce the whole slum to ashes in no time

  • Health and Sanitation

The slum is characterized by low standard of sanitation and is often neglected most by the public service for sanitation. It also refers an area of high sickness and death rates

  • Income Criteria

The slum is a poverty area and it is occupied by people of the lowest group of the society

  • Overcrowding

The slum is over crowded with buildings or the building are overcrowded with people or in the worst condition

  • Population

If the slum population is racial or cultural, it grants a degree of social organization even though the area looks poverty stricken slum area

  • Moral

The socially disorganized slum may prove to be an area of delinquency came and vice

  • Social Isolation

The slum area is of the lowest social status and it is usually linked up with the rest of the community through its labor force

  • Way of Life

The way of life of the inhabitants may be such that they are strangers to one another of they form a family slum with thick acquaintance with one another

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