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Civic Survey

Civic Survey

Civic Survey

Civic Survey

The civic survey or town survey is conducted with special reference to the conditions prevailing in and around the town to be planned. The topics which are usually covered in the civic survey are as follow:

  • Communication Amenities
    The means of communication such as roads, railways and waterways are studied together with their inter-relationship. A study of the characteristics of traffic and its density also made.
  • Contour
    The study of contours of the area helps in deciding the gradients of roads, location of waterworks and sewage plants, etc. the information regarding contour of the area is also utilized in the location of public building which require commanding sites and of airport which required a leveled ground.
  • Existing land use and land values
    It includes the study of agricultural lands, residential and commercial areas, parks, open spaces, location of airports etc. it also help in deciding the amount of betterment charges and in getting an overall picture of the financial implications or liabilities in planning a town.
  • Historical background
    It includes the study of general historical development of the town, present policy of administration, physical and social aspects of the area, etc.
  • Housing
    The characteristics of houses, distribution and reaction of people to houses, etc. are studied
  • Industries
    The character, distribution, types and special requirements of the local industries are studied. It includes the study of the present and future population to be served by the town planning scheme, family structure, density of population, migration tendensies etc.
  • Preservation of natural features
    The buildings, open spaces and spots of the natural beauty, which are auto be preserved, are considered.
  • Public
    It includes the study of buildings to be used by common people.
  • Public health
    A study is made of the general health of inhabitants, death rate, causes of special diseases etc.
  • Public services
    A study of public services such as water supply, sewerage, telephone, gas, electricity, etc. is made
  • Topography
    The topography of the area is studied with refrence to clmatic conditions, location of riversand streams, etc

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