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Dimensions of Quality

Dimensions of Quality

Dimensions of Quality

Dimensions of Quality

A product primary operating properties. E.g. A car acceleration and breaking distance, steering and handling

“Check what are the extra features available” the bells and whistle of the product. e.g. A car may have a power option, a tape and cd deck, anti log brakes.

The probability of a product serving over a specified period of time under stated condition of use. e.g. A car ability to start on cold day and frequency of failure are reliability factors.

A degree to which physical and performance characteristics of a product match pre-established standards. e.g. building finishes.

The amount of use one get from a product before it physically deteriorate and until replacement is preferable. e.g. water resistance of a road.

Service Ability
It corresponds to speed, courtesy, competence of repair work.

It means how a products looks, feels, sounds, taste or smell.

Perceived Quality (Dimensions of Quality)

It is a subjective assessment of quality resulting from advertising and brand name.

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