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Direction of Communication

Direction of Communication

Direction of Communication

Direction of Communication

Within the organization, the character / DOC varies according to whether it is going downwards, upwards or sideways. Sometimes the misuse of DOC can cause the failure of communication. Proper use o character of communication leads towards the effective communication.

The DOC will be as under

  • Vertically Downward
  • Vertically Upward
  • Horizontal/Sideways

(*)The main uses of vertical downwards communication are:
To give orders or instructions
To provide, or ask for, information.

Example: A manager communicating with an employee.

(*)The main uses of vertical upwards communication are:
To describe the results of actions;
To provide information that has been requested;
To make requests or appeals.

Example: An employee communicating with a manager.

(*)The main uses of horizontal, or sideways, communication are:
To keep equals informed of actions taken, or results achieved;
To discuss means of tackling problems together.

Example: colleagues communicating with colleagues.

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