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Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering

All condition present around the habitat of an organism constitutes its environment.
All external condition and influences effecting existence, development of an organism human behavior or society, what stimulates the five human senses

Environmental Engineering
It is the application of engineering principals for the preservation of environment and protection of public health.

It is a complete state of physical, mental and social well being and not nearly the absence of diseases.

Environmental Engineering Practices

  • Municipal and Industrial Pollution Control.
  • Air Pollution Control.
  • Water Supply and Treatment.
  • Sewerage and Sewage Treatment.
  • Solid Waste Management.
  • Environment Quality Standards.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.

Eco System
It is a community of plants and animals interact with each other and with their environment (forest, desert, oceans.

Any thing living or non-living which human obtain to meet their need and wants (solar energy, air,water, minerals, petroleum etc)

It is a set of environment conditions or place where an organism lives.

Application of various resources to improve the quality of human life.

Sustainable Development
It is development which last the development through which we can meet our present needs with out compromising the ability of future grantee to meet their own needs.

Management of human use of natural resources in a manner that such use can continue the objectives of conservation is to ensure sustainable development.

Development without Conservation
It loads to over exploitation of natural resources exactly in environment degradation and disaster.

Carrying Capacity
It is the maximum number of individual of a given species that a particular habitat can sport.

Any thing added to water, air, soil or food that threatens health or other organism is called pollution.
An y condition/substance react from human or natural activity that adversely affect the quality of environment is called pollution.

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