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Microsoft Excel is beautiful application software provided by Microsoft Corporation in order to provide ease in performing the daily office tasks by using the latest technology of spreadsheets.

Uses of Excel

 It is a group of values and other data organized into rows and columns, similar to the ruled paper worksheets traditionally used by bookkeepers and accountants. Ms Excel is a type of application software used to create computerized spreadsheets. Advantage of using a computerized spreadsheet includes the ability to save, modify, retrieve, and print the spreadsheet as often as necessary. Because spreadsheet tends to contain a great deal of numbers and mathematical calculations, however there is further benefit, the computer’s mathematically ability and tremendous speed. There characteristics allow a spreadsheet to contain numeric formulas that the computer will compute and keep up to data as data in the spreadsheet changes. This tremendously improves accuracy of the spreadsheet and saves the user form manually recomputing and then reentering values into the spreadsheet as data changes.

Main Features of Excel

MS Excel is one of the best spreadsheet application software of the world. There are number of reasons, due to which this is the first choice in office works.

  • It provides us with a wide range of functional sheets and cells.
  • Sheets of MS excel are composed of thousands of rows and hundreds of columns.
  • The main features of database are available here. So, one can use it manipulate with records of some table.
  • User can format each and every cell or a range of cells in different desired ways.
  • User can make their custom format styles instead of using the built in styles.
  • A wide range of formatting is available for numbers, alignments, fonts, borders and shading etc.
  • Spelling and Grammar option is available to avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • Excel’s spreadsheet is compatible with all other office suite.
  • In facilitates the users to import and export the information to and form different software as well as internet.
  • Different built in formulae and functions are available for Mathematical, Statistical and Accounting problems.
  • User can present the statistics in graphical form with the help of chatty option.
  • A wide range of data analysis option is available to facilitate the users in different calculation and report making tasks

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