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Failure of Communication

Failure of Communication

Failure of CommunicationThere are a number of reasons for the failure of communication. The cause may be the fault of the following:

  • The Sender
  • The Receiver
  • The Choice Of Channel

The Sender
Sometimes the sender is to blame. The message may not be clear and accurate or simple enough to be understood by the receiver. It may be so badly presented, or so boring, or so complicated, that it fails to hold the receiver’s attention.

The Receiver
Receivers can also cause problems. They may be unwilling to take in the message because they are too busy, or because they have made up their mind already, or because they are too prejudiced to hear the message clearly.

The Channel
The choice of channel may also be the cause. For example, it would be no good trying to discuss a very complex contract with a colleague unless he or she had been given a written copy of the contract – preferably well in advance of the meeting. The written channel is more suitable for complicated matters than the spoken channel.

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