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Features of a Building

Features of a Building

Features of a Building

Features of a Building

A good residential building satisfies the requirements of its inhabitants in the best possible manner. The requirements of residential building can briefly be summarized as follows

  • Height

It is desirable that the height of the building should be in proportion with the width of road or street

  • Location

The residential building should be located in such a way theta freedom from nuisances such as dust, noise, smoke and smell is guaranteed. Future the location of the building should be near to means of transport, markets, school, hospitals, etc

  • Orientation

The building should be suitably oriented with respect to rain, such and wind.

  • Parks

The building should be located neat=r to parks and paly grounds and it should be possible for the children to reach to parks without crossing main roads

  • Privacy

The overall design of the building should be such that it affords maximum privacy to it users. It is desirable or provide the feature to privacy in the design of a building even at the sacrifice of some architectural need

  • Security Features of a Building

The construction of th building should be such that it affords safety and security against theft and fire. If possible it should contain a strong room for the storage of valuables

  • Space

The floor space as well as the total cubical contents of the building should be in proportion with the number of persons likely to use the building. According to one standard the floor area and cubical contents per member should respectively be at least 4.65m2 and8.50m3

  • Utility services

The building should be provided with electricity, water and drainage facilities at reasonable costs


The rooms of the buildings should be fully ventilated. Each room should get enough air and light

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