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“Geology is the science which is devoted to the study of the earth”. It deals with all the features of the earth’s surface and with the origin, composition, structure and inhabitants of the earth.

Branches of Geology

The field of geo is very large and it is divided into several branches.

Physical Geo
Physical geo is concerned with the work of natural processes which bring changes upon the earth’s surface.

The discussion of the different kinds of rocks is known as petrology. It deals with the study of composition, structure and origin of rocks.

Mineralogy includes the study of mineral composition, structure, appearance, stability, occurrence and associations.

Structural Geo
This branch of geo deals with the study of structures of rocks in the earth’s crust.

It is the science of the description, correlation and classification of strata in sedimentary rocks including the interpretation of the depositional environments of those strata.

Palaeontology is the science of fossils of ancient life forms and their evolution.

Historical Geo
The study of stratigraphy and Palaeontology is included under the historical geo. It gives us a picture of the land and seas, the climate and life of early times upon the earth.

Economic Geo
The economic geo deals with the study of minerals, ores and fossil fuels of economic importance.

Mining Geo
This branch of geo is concerned with the study of application of geology to mining engineering.

Engineering Geo
The engineering geology includes the study of application pf geology to civil engineering.

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