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Google AdSense Stop Paying in Pakistan

Google AdSense Stop Paying

I have a message that is very important for Pakistani bloggers and webmasters. I would like to share that Google AdSense has ceased payments by Western Union to Pakistan. As we know that Western Union is very fast by transfer facilities in the world. It is a very sad news that the terms and conditions of Google AdSense for stricter Pakistan, the prejudices and Google has strict guidelines are to approve Google Adsense Account in Pakistan.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense

We get informtion from various sources and confirmed that Western Union does not pay Google Adsense payments Nore to clarify it. Officials, “We do not pay the payments to Google Adsense in Pakistan, these commands received for us to Google,” said Western Union.

At this point it is very special for bloggers and website owners, but every problem has a solution. Unlike Western Union, you can make payments from Google AdSense / checks banks in Pakistan, but the process is quite long compared to Western Union.

There are two control methods: one is the normal post takes about 30 to 40 days to receive and the other is fast safe delivery DHL, which takes only 3-4 days to collect the check, but it is expensive and account holders pay $ 25 to receive payment by this method.

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