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Hidden Secret of Notepad

Hidden Secret of Notepad

NotepadYes it was hidden. When you will see you will definitely like it and laughs. Because you are using notepad for different purposes for many times but didn’t know that.
Soft wares are available, such as MS Word for use in advance form of notepad. Well, are you, and are tired of old-fashioned note, if you have fun with them, or if I disclose hidden, read only the article right, this is the place to reveal the “hidden secrets Notepad”
1. Open your Notepad 1 –
2. Please write “Q33N” without the quotes in uppercase
3. Change the font style to winding

Please refer to the magic. Yes ……. Probably say WTF .. Do not be mad, this is what you and I really try to explain this. This is the flight number of the actual flight Q33N which hits the World Trade Center on September 11. Some very tragic disaster. So, by writing the flight number of the aircraft that hit the World Trade

Some symbols are displayed in Notepad heart, I know that this is not really coincidence or something else entirely, which describes the case that
A very strange thing ….

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