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High Suger Fruit

High Sugar Fruit

1.   Watermelon:
At the start of summer stapler, barbeoues, picnics and potlucks parties are started, where the new Fruit arrives at summer the Watermelon also served.  Watermelon contains the high amount of sugar in it as compared to other Fruits, but as for this back flaw it contain the natural cancer fighting agent known as lycopene, as well as Vitamin C and potassium..

2.     Bananas:
Before I tell you about bananas let me tell you about the Glycemic Index (GI). Doctors prefer to take Low GI Food because the High GI Food cause blood sugar level to fluctuate rapidly instead to low GI Fruits because body digest and absorbs high GI food more rapidly as compare to low FI Food, where a banana contains 100-120 calories in it, so they said that if you are going for a jogging/walking/running or going to GYM for Exercise you might take some bananas bcoz its energy boosting potassium which will boost up energy all alongs better than any other fruit.

3.    Oranges:
Orange is one of the fruits that contains citric acid as we all knows that critic acid is bitter in taste, but in that case orange also fall under the category of high GI fruits, as it contains more clories which case bost sugear level, on other hand it is highly antioxidant, contains Vitamin C and a power house

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