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History of Hydrology

History of Hydrology

  • Some qualitative phases of hydrology were developed during the late nineteenth century. Quantitative research was done in early years of the present century by Horton, Sherman, Meyer, Mead and others.  The last two decades shown great advance stimulated by increased government interest in flood control, soil conservation, river navigation and hydro-electric power development. Attempts were made to explain hydrological cycle,
    History of Hydrology

    History of Hydrology

    stream flow near mountains and how salt-water produced fresh-water streams.

  • Until 15th century all theories of early Philosophers of hydrology were still to question, Finally da-Vinci & Palissy expounded an outline of hydrologic cycle.
  • In 17th century Pierre Perrcault supplied the necessary quantitative measurement of runoff for Seine river in France showing 1/6th the rainfall.
  • As the number and size of structures increased and potential economic loss from structural failure multiplied, the demand for more adequate basis for design increased and modern hydrology found its start.

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