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How Often I Should Update Blog

How often you should have your Blog content

Blog is the best place to earn a little extra part-time income online and share your ideas and new knowledge with your readers. It also helps to online credibility, professional relationships and business contacts that can be very useful to be able to build in the future. But you know, the back of blogging means how often you should update your Blog with fresh content, original and informative?

Do you know the time to update your Blog also affects the conversion rate and the number of visitors you can get from social networks and search engines?

The ideal frequency for displaying content on your blog is a post every day. Anyway, if you are not able to blog regularly, you can post content once every two days, but the recommended minimum frequency of 3 articles per week. Yes, it is very important to update your blog three times a week with an equal interval between messages.

Why the frequency of updates and the distance between updates are important?

This is important for two reasons.

1_ The first is that human behavior is to you readers, newsletter subscribers
2_ search engine bots.

If you regularly publish your blog entries, they (readers) will be happy to wait for future updates that you should not lose their excitement, by waiting longer. If you do not send for a long time, many of them about you and your blog will be forgotten.

Deigned engine robots to crawl and index your site frequently. If you regularly publish or maintain decent frequency display to the search engine robots to index your new entries for new updates to look in a few minutes or hours, search engine robots to index your site on the speed that you update your blog, if you are not on the interval between the news and updates random switching time can be different for each of your updates.

Why has time to update exchange rate blog?

Once you update your blog new entry will be indexed in Google, and you can also use your syndicated feeds participant members of the newsletter. Thus, the display at the time when most users are online or check their e-mails your mail to day hold over other mails which leads to higher conversion rates. For example, if one of your players gets about 40 to 50 e-mails per day (including spam and useless marketing), it is not likely to read the messages at the bottom. When you post is among the top five, there are opportunities that can attract the attention of the reader.

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