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How to create an Invisible Folder?

You can just make an ifvisible folder by followoing the follow steps, you dont need to hide the folder, it will be in front of you but you wont see it, but tis clickable
Wonder, of course. Do not worry have a step-by-step guide on
See if you have created, we performed the following “How to make a folder invisible”:
Invisible folder,
I – You have to create a folder to the desired location
2 – Right-click the folder, right-click the “Rename”
3 – Hold down the Alt key, each press 0160, Enter type, we find without releasing the Alt Key

Invisible Folder

Invisible Folder

4 – Now right click on the folder, click Properties, and then click the dialog box appears, the Customize dialog box, click Change Icon, select an icon for the empty
5 – Now you have a folder that is not visible, but I can not see anyone. I’m not boring you
So, by following the above steps, you will be able to “how to make a folder that is not visible to the eye to create create” know easily

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