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How to Reduce FAT in 5 easy Steps

How to Reduce FAT in 5 easy Steps

Due to the busyness of life or laziness or different other reasons you might be missing to hit the gym  and then you might realize that you need to attend a family function which you might feel discomfort because of a big tummy.

How if I tell you that you can get a flat tummy just within a week by reducing your body fats %age so you can wear your favorite tuxedo/traditional wedding dress and you don’t have to worry about your tummy at all

Just follow the simple few steps and you will be amazed with the result.

 Step # 1 to reduce FAT:

One of the big reason of getting FAT is stress and anxiety due to which the growth of some particular hormone named as cortisol boost up which leads you to gain weight. So try stay cool.

Step # 2 to reduce FAT:

Another major reason to get FAT is “Sugar” and processed Food, you need to replace them with Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, chicken, beef, mutton, fish, whole grain, oats and low fat dairy products.

Step # 3 to reduce FAT:

Use herbs and spice instead of salts which you have to minimize your sodium intake in your daily routine

Step # 4 to reduce FAT :

Do following exercises on daily bases, push ups, planks (normal and side) for 30-90 seconded. Do abdominal muscle exercises 3-4 time a week to reduce your belly fat.reduce fats, 5 steps to flat tummy, weight loss, easy way to loss wight, flat tummy

Step # 5 to reduce FAT :

Try to burn your calories (5-600) per workout by following these circuit traning, pull ups, skipping rope on daily basis.

That how you reduce you FAT

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