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Introduction to Hydrology

Water is vital for all living organisms on Earth.

For centuries, people have been investigating where water comes from and where it goes, why some of it is salty and some is fresh, why sometimes there is not enough and sometimes too much. All questions and answers related to water have been grouped together into one discipline.

The name of the discipline is hydrology and is formed by two Greek words: “hydro” and “logos” meaning “water” and “study”.

What is Hydrology?

–        It is a science of water.

–        It is the science that deals with the occurrence, circulation and distribution of water of the earth and earth’s atmosphere.

A good understanding of the hydrologic processes is important for the assessment of the water resources, their management and conservation on global and regional scales.

In general sense engineering hydrology deals with

Estimation of water resources

The study of processes such as precipitation, evapo-transpiration, runoff and their interaction.

The study of problems such as floods and droughts and strategies to combat them.

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