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Earn Moeny with Infolinks

Earn $ with Infolinks

PPC stand for pay per click, it is an internet advertising tool, one of the most famous, most paying and most commonly used Pay Per Click (PPC) is Infolinks. Owner of the different companies advertise their products on internet as an advertiser, and their products are promoted by the publishers, publishers are mostly the blog or website owners. PPC advertisements are shown on website with the related contacts. As the contact of the website as the advertisement will be.



We will discuss here the pay per click (PPC) program of Infolinks.It is established in May 2007, It can be used both by Advertiser and Publisher. Advertiser advertise their product to the global market and publisher helps them to promote their product and get paid and from the day establishment Infolinks Is paying to the publishes. Advertisers pays Infolinks to advertise their product and publisher get paid to publish the product over their websites or blog.
Infolinks have more than 50000 premium websites to promote the products on internet marketing and almost get 300 million unique page views or visitors.
Infolinks has five core advantages to its users, it gives the one of the best leading market rates to the users, it has an Optimize brand lift with Accurate Relevance, with local search you can get the Global Reach and have a self campaign.

Why Infolinks

Then there is a question raise why we use It, so there the answer of that query, It gives upto 70% revenue share with the publisher. The most importantly the Earning is Guaranteed. It works with the any kind of website rather it is small, medium or big. It shows the relevant ads to your contact within your contact due to which the reader has maximum chance getting engage there.

What Makes it Different

When you join Infolinks as a publisher it will give a code to you when you paste that code into your website. It will underline the words within your content with a hyper link. These words are called in-text advertising. Infolinks don’t require a separate place in your website to show its ads, it pick the words within your content and display its ads there, that makes it different form other pay per click PPC sites, whenever the user touch the underlined hyper linked word you get the impression and when he click you will get a click, in both situations you will get the money.

Withdraw from Infolinks

Whenever your revenue reach the minimum withdrawal limit, you can withdraw your money by using PayPal, Payneer or checks directly into your bank.

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