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Instant Traffic Tips for New Blog

Instant Traffic Tips for New Blog

Blog Tips

Blog Tips

In this article, I will introduce the secrets of taking immediate traffic to your site and a new blog is published index and the fastest way. To start appearing in the search results of Google, if you want to bother to follow the advice completely, there is no need to invest money for your blog.

It is whether you want your blog to your website in the index was constructed or making money online for you to build your portfolio companies or for product information is not a problem. Tips described here will work for everyone. So,there they are.

  • To register a new domain for the first time, go to the Google webmasters tool, in order to live, you can create your account. Register a domain with Google Webmaster Tools, please check the ownership of the domain. This can be done by an HTML file is available in Webmaster Tools account the WWW root directory or upload, to place the verification meta tag Google using the value of the HTML header for the site. Once registered, create an XML site map available on the site, control, enter the Google webmaster account. If you use a blogging platform like blogger and WordPress, you it has been available as an accessory, it is easy to generate a dynamic XML Google maps. But if you follow these tips on the web site of your business, you can use the online XML sitemap generation tool for building and upload the folder on the server.
  • To view the results of SEO indexing and our efforts to account for letter analysis that is integrated with Google Analytics to follow, second, it is recommended that you create a blog of his. Now, will be delivered to Google Webmaster Tools, too, you ready to blog and be ready to follow up the analysis is in place. If it does not exist, do not worry, in order to check, please do not forget to check the availability of the file robots.tkt watch Googlebot to your Blog.
  • And the third has a page of other high-performance and high Google PR, Can you please post a link to the new domain for that page. Hot topics, if not, to make high-quality articles for your product, website or blog in the same niche
  • Create an account on social media like as delicious,  social bookmarking accounts and Facebook that are linked within such social media, Twitter, and MySpace. Bookmark the new domain immediately, has published an article or blog page to your social account recently.

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My name is Mustafa Awais, I am basically from Pakistan & Currently living in Saudia Arabia, I am Civil Engineer as well as Web Master.

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