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The international organization for standardization is a non government word wide association that sets industrial and commercial standards. ISO was found in 1947 and its head office is in Geneva (Switzerland). It is one of  the largest standard development organization in whole world today. ISA (international federation of national standardization union) & UNSCC (United Nations standard co-coordinating committee) later on representative from many countries come together to form new organization which is named as “ISO”. ISO has its print more than total 17500 international standards. ISO contains total of 112 members of different countries. ISO 9000 release  initially in 1987 is the set of standards that helps to establish documents and maintain an effective quality management system. ISO is a short name of international organization of strndarization found on 23 feb 1947  with its head office janiva, Iso is not direct abbrivation of in name of organization rather it is taken from greek word. ISO meaning equal the basis function in the mind of for further of this organization was was to formulate the international condition and unification

Member of ISO

1.      Member Bodies ISO

National standard bodies that represents each country and only members in ISO with voting privilege.

2.      Correspondent Members

Countries not having standard bodies participate in development & distribution of standard but are aware of them are known as correspondent members.

3.      Subscribed Members

Countries with small or limited economies they pay much lesser member fees than others members, but are privy to development of standards.

Note: The ISO was introduced in 2000’s as you can see in the history of TQM

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