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  • Landfill is also known as a dump or rubbish dump (and historically as a midden), is a site for the disposal of waste materials by burial and is the oldest form of waste treatment.
  • Historically, Landfills have been the most common methods of organized waste disposal and remain so in many places around the world.
  • Landfills may include internal waste disposal sites (where a producer of waste carries out their own waste disposal at the place of production) as well as sites used by many producers.
  • Many landfills are also used for other waste management purposes, such as the temporary storage,consolidation and transfer, or processing of waste material (sorting, treatment, or recycling).
  • A landfill also may refer to ground that has been filled in with soil and rocks instead of waste materials, so that it can be used for a specific purpose, such as for building houses.



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