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There are the following computer languages

High Level Language

High level lang enables the programmer to write instructions using English works and familiar mathematical symbols. So it becomes easier for him to concentrate in the logic of his problem rather than getting involved in programming details. High level is basically symbolic  that uses English words. Every instruction which the programmer writes in a high level is translated into many machine language instructions. This is one to many translations and nor one to one as in the case of assembly . Example of high level are C, C++, COBAL, PASCAL and FORTRAN, there are some others high are also used.

Low Level Language

Although computer can be programmed to understand many different computer languages, there is only understood by the computer without using translation program. This is called the low level or machine language or the machine code of the computer. Machine code is fundamental language of computer and is normally written as string of binary 1s and 0s. This circuitry if a computer is wired in such a way that it immediately recognizes the machine  and converts or onto the electrical signals needed to run the computer, the computer can execute program written in machine language very fast. This is mainly because the CPU directly understands machine instruction and no translation of the program is required.

Procedural Language

The introduction of more user-friendly programming language resulted in a quantum leap in programmer convenience. Programmers could write a single instruction instead of several cumbersome machine language instructions. These early language were PL, which requires programmers to solve programming problems using traditional programming logic. Programmer’s code or instructions were written in the sequence in which they must execute to solve the problem.

Object Oriented Language

In procedural the emphasis is on what is done. In object oriented language programming makes program easier to design and understand. Also OOP (object oriented programming) handles images, videos and sound better than procedural  do. Example of OBL includes Smalltalk, JAVA and C++.

Data Base

These are based in specific kind of database called a relational database. Many database management programs in today’s computer world claim to be relational but actually are not. In order for a database management program to truly use Structured Query Language (SQL) it must follow the relational model very closely

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