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Division of Work 
Specialization increase output by making employ more efficient.

Authority / Leadership
Manager/leader must be able to give the order; authority gives them this right to order along with authority goes responsibility.

Employs must obey & respect the rules that given by the organization.

Unit of Command / Leadership
Any employ should receive orders from one superior only.

Unity of Direction
The organization should have a single plan of action to guide manager and workers.

Subordination of individual interest to general interest
The interest of any employee or group should not preference over the interest of organization overall.

The workers must be paid fair wages to their work.

The term reflects that degree to which sib-ordinates involved in decision making process.

Scalar Chain
The line term refers to degree to which sub-ordinates involved in decision making.

The workers and material should be at right place at right time.

Equity / Leadership
The manager should kind fair with sub-ordinates.

Stability of Tenor of Personal
The organization should provide orderly personal planning and ensure replacement is available to fill vacancies.

Employees who are allowed to originated and carry out work will be done with high level of efforts.

Promoting team spirit will build harmony and unity within organization.

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