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Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice & its Benefits

Lemon Juice is being using from the ancient times for many beneficial things:-

A mixture of Lemon Juice and plain water is strong enough to bust through the fat on your counter and kitchen appliances.

*I really clean cutting board or refrigerator and store food preparation surfaces, but surfaces must be clean, this is exactly what we do not use toxic chemical cleaning agents and also excellent for disinfecting these surfaces, It is also used to remove the unpleasant odor and dirt.

*When use with raw honey the same amount of Lemon Juice is good to relieve your cough. This is also suitable for a sore throat.

*When small amount of it used with water it enhance the digestion of food. Even when you wake up, it is a great way to moisturize in the morning.

*Tone your skin using a cotton ball to apply a thin layer of diluted it applied on your skin. It sit for 10 minutes, rinse with cold water can be reduced blackheads and scratches, and also peel the skin naturally.

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

*It can also be used to make the windows mirror shine.

*It soften your hands to remove dirt and odors left in your hands. Lemon Juice light, moisturizing scrub as usual and rinse your hands with sponge. Soft, clean your hands, feeling fresh.

*Possibility of copper brass, chrome, polished are contaminated. A simple paste of lemon juice and table salt discoloration. Bring the mixture, and then leave it for 10 minutes in the buff gently rinse with warm water and apply.

*It used as chemicals in hair highlights .Get with a lighter hair can be very toxic. Before you go out in the sun, Can you please get the natural highlights of spritzing your hair with it. As an added bonus, and rinse your hair with lemon juice, give your locks shine enough to remove build-up.

*It can be used as toilet cleaner. It looks to your toilet (smell) and borax powder mixture.

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