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Levels of Management

Levels of Management

Executive /Top Chief Executive

  •  President,
  • Vice Presidents
  • G.M,
  • M.D.
  • Board of Directors Controller

Responsible for long term strategic planning& control of business. They examine the trend and establish long-term planning and policies of business. They allocate the resources for business including land, martial, machinery, labor and capital. They are need of highly summarized reports

Middle Management & Professional Staff

  • Managers
  • Officers
  • Engineers
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers

They are concerned short term planning, organizing, controlling and decision-making.

They are interested in longer time reports (monthly, quarterly) rather than day to day Their function includes gathering operation information for higher management.

Implement higher Management’s wishes. & Policies.

Designs products and services. Professional staff performs highly technical & skilled work.

Supervisory Staff

  • Forenames
  •  Supervisors
  •  Group Leaders
  •  Shift Incharges

Lowest level of management.

Lowest levels of technical experts.

Controls day-to-day operation.

They arc concerned with no more than

current day’s or next week’s operation.

Use & prepare day-to-day detailed reports.

Leads and guides their subordinates

Clerical & Service Staff

  • Secretaries
  • Office Workers
  • Clerks
  • Sales Persons
  •  Bookkeepers Tellers

Performs day-to-day information activity. Data is captured or created by them e.g. Screening, filling orders, typing

corresponding. Basic work force.

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