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Liberty Reserve Shut Down / Closed

Liberty Reserve Shut Down / Closed

We have the latest news in this post: LR payment processor for freedom, and the administrator has been arrested in Spain
Liberty Reserve payment processor site, also under arrest in Spain and in the vicinity operator
Rica-based Liberty Reserve, HYIP scammers and other criminals from the payment processor closes – and operators were arrested under the money laundering charges in Spain reported.
Money Maker Group, a Ponzi forum posters who complained “we have lost huge $ $ $.” Forum signature pitch was AdHitProfits with posters advertising “125% -. Superfast earnings” even with the pitch, was Gold Fund to promote unity “, 4.5% for 45 business days.”
Liberty Reserve payment processor is the second report on
Arthur Budovsky Belanchuk Friday, 39 police agencies was conducted jointly in the United States and Costa Rica arrested by a request of money laundering as part of Spain.
Costa Rica Attorney Jose Pablo González Budovsky a Costa Rican citizen of Ukrainian origin, Liberty Reserve, he created a company in a country with the money for the cleaning has studied since 2011.
Local investigation began in New York after a request by the prosecutor. San Jose prosecutors Friday Escaza, Santa Ana, southwest of San José and Heredia capital, carried out raids in the north of the province Budovsky and offices.
Costa Rican companies were in the Budovsky child pornography websites and apparently financed with the money from the drug trade through.
New York punishment
According to the United States Department of Justice records, July 2006 27, Budovsky and Vladimir Kats as a partner of his Brooklyn apartment by an illegal financial transactions, GoldAge Inc., New York, identified on charges of working conditions The government was accused of.
They began operations in 2002, the worldwide digital currency accounts were transferred at least $ 30 million.
Digital Exchange office, GoldAge, as part of money-laundering scheme on 1 January 2006 and 30 June 2006 between $ 4 million and get moving.
Online with a limited number of customers GoldAge account opening, then have GoldAge digital gold currency through these accounts, the defendants fees sometimes exceed $ 100,000.
Wire payments, cash, money order or check to: GoldAge habits can choose the payment method.
Finally, transfer to customers anywhere in the world by application number or sent to separate accounts to get the money.
Kats Budovsky and a license, a violation of state banking law, the money supply without insulting include a business sentenced to five years in prison, but he got the probation.

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