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A certain amount of force acting on a certain point is called Load.
Weight per unit area. It has its own importance, the design of the building depends on the amount of it, so as the cost of the building also consists on it, as the amount of weight increase, so does the amount of steel in the design, so does the amount of the project.

Types of Load

The weight which almost retain its magnitude and point of application throughout the life of structure.
The weight which do not change their magnitude and position w.r.t time with in the life of structure.
Dead weight mainly consist of superimposed weight and self weight of structure

The weight which change their position with time are called Live load.
The weight due to persons occupying the structures and these belonging is called live load.
Example: It consists chiefly of occupancy weight in buildings and traffic on the bridges

“It is the weight of structure member due to its own weight.

All external weight leaving the self weight acting on the member to be design are called impose loads.

The maximum intensity of weight expected during the life of the structure depend upon a certain probability of occurrence is called service load.

6)Factored Load
The service weight increased by some factor of safety or over weight factor are called factored.

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