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If the major part of  F.O.S is applied on the service load to get increased load and the material strength are divided by the minor remaining part of the factor of safety, the design method is called load and resistance factor load design. (LRFD)

Material strength≥ applied load × F.O.S1 × F.O.S2
[1/F.O.S2] material strength ≥applied load × F.O.S1

F.O.S1 = over load factor or load factor (greater than 1
1/F.O.S2= strength reduction factor or resistance factor [lesser than 1]

Over Load factor in LRFD

The factor of safety by which any load is increased for load and resistance factor design is called over load factor

Resistance factor in LRFD

The F.O.S or reduction factor by which the material strength is adjust is called “Resistance factor”

Limits State in LRFD

Limit state is defined as the limiting stage in the loading after which the structure cannot fulfill its intended function due to strength or loading consideration

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