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Management Styles

Management Styles

Managers have to perform many roles in an organization and how they handle various situations will depend on their style of management. A management style is an overall method of leadership used by a manager.

  • Administrators
  • Time Servers
  • Climbers
  • Generals
  • Supporters
  • Nice Guys
  • Bosses

Administrators (Management Styles)

  • Work company rule and regulations
  • Live by book
  • Very good employees
  • Strong loyalty
  • Work with company for very long time
  • Work strictly according to the demarcation of departments
  • Expect every thing in black and white
  • Very logical and very practical
  • Have good planning skills
  • Always respected by their seniors and juniors

Time Savers (Management Styles)

  • Old managers who have lost their interest
  • Take necessary steps to avoid stress
  • Low Motivated
  • Conflict at all levels are avoided.
  • Decisions are avoided
  • Personals status is important
  • Have very good management experiences
  • They consider themselves father of organization
  • They can build good team

Climbers (Management Styles)

  • Driven by extremely personal ambitions
  • Sacrifice every thing, themselves, family etc.
  • Want to achieve good position by fair or unfair means
  • Become de-motivated if fail.
  • They learn from their staff and push them back.

Generals (Management Styles)

  • Usually younger persons
  • Like to rule and manipulate power
  • Work hard and guide their subordinates
  • Social and mix at all levels
  • Status is important
  • Strong willed individuals
  • Highly optimistic

Supporters (Management Styles)

  • They maintain balance views about    world organization, subordinates, themselves
  • Good facilitators
  • Knowable in applying techniques
  • Work through their people
  • Delegate power and responsibilities to their subordinates.
  • Highly motivated
  • Highly motivated
  • Good compromisers and flexible
  • Determined and patient to achieve targets

Nice Guys (Management Styles)

  • Weak willed persons
  • Interested to develop links with seniors and subordinates
  • Do nor criticize to others
  • Poor performers
  • Very few decisions are made
  • Yield to pressure from any source.

Bosses (Management Styles)

  • Power hungry
  • Very rude and shurde
  • Opertate in administrative modes , plying things by books where it suits them
  • Drive their subordinate but not themselves
  • Extremely inflexible, mistaken as strong minded people.
  • Strong talkers
  • Terrorize their subordinates and peers.
  • Creating conflict for their powers
  • In short term they are result oriented, but long term they are destructive  and harm full.
  • They are insecure and humiliate others.
  • Promoted by pointing out mistakes of others, not their own achievements.

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