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Make Money With Minute Worker

Minute Worker

Minute Worker is a freelancing website  You can do the work micro is the website an earn upto  $ 10 in 5 days. you can earn money by completing tasks employers posted in the website by the employee.  10.0000 members, and give different types of small tasks, such as questionnaire, click on the ads, file down, when you complete the tasks, you will be paid, earn extra money either, you can earn money by completing tasks or send the job to others to fill in for a cheap price.

How Minute Worker Work

Working workers Minutes to make some extra cash, where the jobs are so easy that even the kids can do the such jobs, if you want to make $10 in day don’t be late, join the website and start earning now.

1. Find a job that you can easily finsh
2. Read and accept the second, the instructions to complete the job
3. Submit a job for approval from third employer
4. You are doing! Make money

Minute Worker

Minute Worker

Affiliate System (Minute Worker)

To be able to ask you to sign up under you to promote your affiliate link, make a lot of money that people do not do anything, if the promoter or the owner of the website, people site will be welcome to join, sign up as a 100% that pay. You can when you have completed the work of his first FYI, to sign up under your link and earn $ 0.10 and $ 0.05 per referral. I love it more now is that they provide unlimited referral restrictions.

In addition to members, used to hire workers, bonus ($ 1.10) that was specified during registration, get a bonus. Have the option to transfer your earnings to the amount of deposits, this will give you the opportunity to create jobs, become employers of labor in Minutes.

How do you Paid

$ 2 minimum amount of cash out, it is proposed that request payment when you have reached the $ 10 at least, paid twice a month, I they are your payment by PayPal or Payza You can request

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