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Modern Town

Modern Town

Modern Town

Modern Town

The procedure for preparing the outline plan of the modern town depends on skills, training and imagination of the town planner. A proper combination of function and site would result in the formation of a successful modern town.

The usual features which involve in the plan of modern town are as follow:

  • Spaces for residence, commerce and industry
  • Communication system
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Public utility services
  • Neighborhood structures, and
  • Public buildings

The spaces to be allotted for various features can be studied from the study of existing towns or they can be suitably judged from the experience of the town planner. In the beginning, the town planner prepares the outline plane accommodating the above features and if necessary, one or more alternatives are also prepared and then, by trial and error a combination giving maximum benefit of site with the faction or functions of town adopted

The impotent points to be remembered in the planning of modern town are as follow:

  • The provision of various public utilities should be liberal to meet with future requirements.
  • The road system should be well designed after careful considerations and it should be able to develop a good bond between different zones of the town.
  • Enough provision should be made in outline plan for parks, playgrounds and recreation centers.
  • The industrial area should be properly located and provision of facilities required for the same should be made.
  • Extreme care should be taken for the planning of residential area and amenities such as school, local shops etc.
  • The public buildings should be located in such a way that favorable impression is developed on the visitors.
  • The study of existing railway line will help in finalizing the location of main railway station for the town.
  • The natural features of the site should be preserved and maximum advantage should be taken of such features for public enjoyment.

After this the outline plan finalized, the detailed planning of various area of the town is carried out.
The urban planner at present is facing with problems of designing new towns and cities to meet rapidly changing life styles of society.

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