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Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution

“Unwanted or undesired or hard to listen sound or sound with or without agreeable musical quality is called noise pollution
Noise affected the atmosphere.

Normal audible frequency range 80-1500 Hz

Noise Pollution Measurement

These are measured in sound pressure level expressed as db
Decibel is relating unit of power and energy on logarthmetic scale
60db is 10 time higher than 70db
80 db is 100 time higher than 60db

Effect of Noise pollution

1)    Interfere in communication
2)    Loss of hearing
3)    Increases blood pressure
4)    It effects nervous system
5)    It effects emotion and personality
6)    A noise of 85-90 db is danger mark above this range it may cause serious threat for health
7)    In Pakistan noise limit is 85 db for 8hr working

Noise Measure

1)    Restrict use of siren
2)    Industries should use sound absorbing materials
3)    For safety of workers use ear plugs
4)    Reduction the noise level at domestic level
5)    Maintained of automobiles
6)    Control over vibrations
7)    Low voice speaking
8)    Prohibit use of loud speaker
9)    Maintain machinery

Different Ranges





Street traffic



Sports car



Rock and roll band



Jet plan


0db is threshold level of hearing

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